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I am sorry that this isn't a story, but this seems like it is the most active trucking community out of about 5 that I checked out.

I'm curious what you think of trucking schools,
are they worth it?

Which one is the best?

If you are with a company that pays for a school, what is the obligation like?

How did you get into trucking?

Would your own truck or are you ok with driving a company truck?

If one wanted to get into a job where you could just drop and run, instead of unloading, what companies would be best for that?

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a trucker that has some back problems?

Any extra information is also apprected.

Just saying Hello.

Right now I'm sitting at the TA in Jessup MD, its a toasty 18.5 in the sun, I made my delivery and am now waiting for them to send me my next load.

I just got this laptop saturday when I was home, and I'm using the Idle Air wireless for now, I tried getting a cell phone card for the computer, but this computer is too new and I was told they dont make the card I need for it yet, and the guys at cingular couldn't get a cell phone to work in the usb port. I have to get a usb adapter for the wireless card they have, or find the drivers so the computer will be able to find the cell phone. I might just trade this computer in for one with the right card slot, its a lease from Arons so I can take it back anytime.

I've been offline since september when I seperated from my wife, then 3 weeks later I got let go from a local temp service job that was supposed to go permanant. Local work dries up in the winter so after a month of working a day or 2 a week thru the temp service I went back OTR. After the initial shock of going from local to OTR, and learning the new rules that didn't effect me when I was local, it took 2 months to buy back all the little things I got rid of when I quit my last OTR job, I've gotten life in the sleeper berth about as enjoyable as I can make it.

I got my CDL A in June of 1993, a month before my 22nd birthday. All but 2 years of the time since I've been driving for a living. I have 5 years as an OTR/North east regional driver, and the rest I spent driving local. I started at Heartland Express on Nov 1st as a systems/48 states driver and so far I have no real complaints about the company.

i was just playing with my new toy, and thought I'd say hi.

Drive safe.


Hello; I have joined sometime ago & just finally had the time to sit down & post. I am an owner operator for a mid-sized Alberta based company that hauls to northern Alberta and the Canadian Arctic. I spend a great deal of time in the Northwest Territories running between Edmonton, Alberta and Yellowknife NWT & all points in-between.
I spend time in the winter on the ice roads in the Arctic. Can be dangerous & harrowing with the cold and limited roads, but on the whole is alot of fun.

Here is a picture of my truck, 2007, Model 379 Peterbilt.

looking to make some road stories of our own

Inspired by Alton Brown’s Burning Asphalt, my boyfriend and I have decided to undertake a two-week road trip tour of the eastern half of the USA next summer from July 5-19. We’re going to pack our car, our camping gear and our sense of adventure, heading south from New York to Georgia and back up, including Southern NJ, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio and Pennsylvania. An oval mostly around the Appalachians, if you please … because I’m afraid our sad old car might not make it up and over many peaks.

So what do we need from you? Suggestions. Places to stop on the way. The best fried chicken. The thickest milk shakes. The crunchiest onion rings, sure. We are, after all, modeling our culinary adventure after Mr. Brown’s. But we also want to hear about the most beautiful hiking trails. The best festivals and county fairs. The safest places to pitch our tent.

Leave a comment on our lj to suggest the places you love, the places you miss and the places you visit every summer! Then pass our lj on to your friends and ask them to help us out, too. In exchange, we’ll share our thoughts as we plan this trip, and our stories and photos once we hit the road. It’s sure to be a very interesting journey.

It's a small world when Harley's are involved

My former drunken landlord was with the Outlaws and frequented the bars they did, of course. We used to go in too so that we could talk to him.......and drink. Let's not kid ourselves.
Our new dispatcher is a woman biker that knows both us and the FDL from the bar. This is a good thing.
She's a drinker.
She's a biker.
She knows our pain of living with the FDL.
She also knows us and how we feel about our job.
We're in like Flynn. (or however that goes)
That said, she just got us three loads coming from Indianapolis, Lake of the Ozarks which is in Missouri, some where else- all going to Dallas, Ft Worth and Lubbock. Now that's a lot of dead heading to grab loads, but that's all there is out there so far. According to our angent.
And at least it's not Florida for my maiden run fresh out of the paddock.
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TV commercials

Anybody else here find the Schneider truck commercials to recruit drivers as dumb as I do?
Especially the one with the new driver that pulls over to the side, walks to the front of the truck and dances a "happy happy joy joy" kind of dance in the headlights.
They've got great music behind it though.

short update

Hey all, It's been about 4 months since my roll over accident. I am still not able to drive or close to getting back in the rig. It is looking like it will be a year at the very least before I am healed enough. The good news is my arm is doing a lot better. Still gotta ways to go on therapy, but it will be worth it. I'll keep updating from time to time.

You all be safe out there.


What's the most outrageous roadstory you ever heard from another driver?
We've all been in truckstops or bars and heard these things from other drivers that we've laughed over.
Tell me your favorite.

husband called

Day 3. And he's still stuck in Albany GA. The part still hasn't come in and they told him if/when it comes in tomorrow, and if it rains (and it will) they won't be able to work on the truck.
He's tired of sitting.
And he misses me. (awwww)
New Orleans

the husband called

The truck seems to be in a little more dire shape than we'd hoped. There's a part about and inch square that was blown apart and needs to be replaced.
Stan called this morning at 8:00 and was told they were still looking for the part......2:00p.m. they found it about 60 miles away and nobody was there to deliver it and it couldn't be replaced where the truck was.
The tow truck came and pulled our little baby to the garage,
where she languishes tonight.
They said,"we'll try and get on it as fast as we can."
This is Albany GA. *shrug*
Stan figures if they get it done before noon, he can still make all of his deliveries on time....if he runs his tail off.
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